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Which exam board will you choose?

survey - which exam board will you choose?  - gcse - a-level - teacher and musician

With the new GCSE and A-Level (draft) specifications being launched on Thursday, it was obvious that this week’s survey should focus on the topic.  There’s plenty of discussion about the content of each course taking place on social media (including this week’s MufuChat) but I try to keep my surveys as short as possible.  In that spirit, I’m going to ask the same question music teachers are likely to ask whenever they meet up, “Which board will you choose?”.

There’s a separate question for GCSE and A-Level (the latter of which is an optional question).  I’m not asking people to divide up AS and A-Level.  The final question is an optional space to explain why you’ve made your choices.  Exam boards are listed alphabetically.

The results will go live a week on Monday and you can see the data as it comes in here.

If you still need to see the various options available, then you can find links to each specification and the ISM’s comparison document on the MufuChat page.