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What would your set works be?

sunday survey - gcse music draft specification - what would be your set works? - teacher and musician

It’s half term, so I thought that this week’s Sunday Survey should be somewhat light hearted.  In a vague attempt to keep it relevant, I thought I’d tie it into my series of posts looking at the draft specifications.  Set works now appear in more than just Edexcel’s specification and there’s been a bit of surprise to see that AQA has included three Beatles tracks for their selection.  This got me thinking…  What would be your set works for GCSE Music?

Just one required question this week – which piece(s) of music would you include in the set works for GCSE Music?  An optional question allows you to list any pieces that you think should not be included in a GCSE specification.

The results will be published on Monday 1st June 2015 and you can look at the raw data here.