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What are your targets?

what are your targets? - sunday survey - performance management - teacher and musician

The Sunday Survey series has been serving two main purposes for me; it helps to paint an interesting picture of what’s happening in the world of music education and it helps to inform the content of future blog posts.  This week’s survey is focusing primarily on the latter in the hope that I can make the content of this blog ever more useful to music teachers.  To that end, this week’s question is simple: what are your targets?

This could cover your personal targets for the year or the targets that have been set as part of your performance management.  Do you need to hit 90% A*-C or are you focusing on improving extra-curricular provision?  Whatever your targets are, I’m all ears and I’ll use the information to plan and research future posts with the hope of giving you a little help to meet those targets.  
The survey results will go live on 8th June 2015 and you can see the data as it comes in here.