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Teacher and Musician Challenge 2

Teacher and Musician Challenge 2 - just sound

This week’s challenge shouldn’t be too tricky but it may take away some of the resources you use as a crutch and may even need you to reconsider the structure of your lesson.

#TandMchallenge 2 – Just sound

Last week, you took away your speaking voice.  This week, you can talk again but you can’t resort to anything that’s written down.  No handouts, no books, no sheet music, no projections, no tablets, no BYOD.  You’re not allowed to have anything the pupils can use as a reference tool.
This challenge is intended to get fine-tune your skills when it comes to modelling.  Some key questions to ask yourself before beginning this challenge:
  • How will you ensure that pupils know what is expected of them and how to get there without giving them reference materials?
  • If you model how to play a phrase on a keyboard, how will you ensure that they retain that information when they practice on their own?
  • How will you ensure that pupils have the musical material so well internalised that they can check their work aurally?
  • If it’s a singing activity, how will pupils remember the lyrics without a handout or projection?
It’s always worth checking that your modelling is working well and this is a sure-fire way to get some pretty instant feedback on it.  If pupils haven’t internalised what you modelled, they’ll soon let you know!
Let me know how you get on with the hashtag #TandMchallenge