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Teacher and Musician Challenge 4

Teacher and Musician Challenge 4 - share everything
This week’s Teacher and Musician Challenge is designed to celebrate the work you’ve been doing all week!  Music teachers do so much fantastic work but have so few opportunities to share that work.  This post is intended to go a small way to rectifying that.

The challenge: share everything

So, what’s the challenge?  Simple – share everything.  For every lesson you teach today, share at least one recording or photograph.  Recordings of pupil performances or compositions will probably be the easiest to share since this survey suggested the majority of music teachers are already using audio or video in lessons.  Photographs could be handy for any written activities.  Did an A-Level student write a brilliant essay?  Take a photo.  A BTEC pupil created a great diagram giving an overview of the music industry?  Take a photo.

Share away on Twitter with the hashtag #TandMchallenge (being careful, of course, not to share photos/videos of pupils without the appropriate consent) and feel free to add your content to this Padlet, which I’ve embedded below.  Let’s celebrate your hard work!