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Results: KS4 class sizes

ks4 class sizes - gcse btec rsl music - teacher and musician - survey results

Last week’s survey asked you about the size of your KS4 classes and, it has to be said, the results are very surprising.  The biggest surprise is that the average number of pupils taking a KS4 music qualification was 15% (much bigger than the 7% that 2011 data say took GCSE music).  Perhaps equally surprising is that the average number of pupils starting music in September has increased to 16%.

Some caution has to be taken with this info.  A few factors to consider include:

  • this survey included non-GCSE qualifications (unlike the 2011 data)
  • the sample size was quite small (17 respondents after anomalous responses were removed)
  • teachers with larger class sizes may have been more likely to respond (eager to share their good news)
  • teachers with increasing class sizes may have been more likely to respond (again, eager to share good news)
One respondent reported remarkable percentages of pupils taking KS4 music (69% in the current Y11 and 50% in the incoming Y10).  Even with the removal of this response, the average percentages were 12% for current Y11 and 14% for incoming Y10.  
The average reported class size for Y11 was 20 and, for the incoming Y10 it was 29.  These averages are very impressive, especially the increase despite the impact of the EBacc.  
The survey responses here paint a hopeful picture but I must confess that I’m sceptical.  The information will only get more accurate with more responses, so I’ll be sure to revisit this in a future post, so please feel free to add your response to the original post here.