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Written Work in Music Lessons: The Results

written work in music lessons - the results - survey

On 24th February 2015, I posted a survey asking music teachers if they were required to have pupils complete written work in music lessons.  Since then, there’s been a total of 88 responses and the results are actually somewhat surprising.  For music teachers in England, it’s a pretty much 50-50 split down the middle.

Unfortunately, the numbers were too small to perform any meaningful analysis of the responses from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland but the ‘Outside of the UK’ responses painted a very different picture to what we see in England.  Of twelve responses, only two were expected to have their pupils complete written work in lessons.  Percentages aren’t so useful when dealing with such small numbers but that’s 84% of non-UK respondents with no written work in music lessons.

Of course, even these samples are quite small and I’ll be happy to write a follow up post if the numbers get bigger.  That said, it’s still an interesting insight into what’s happening in English schools.

Here’s the England numbers broken down:

Written work in music lessons - England
…and here’s the Outside of the UK numbers:
Written work in music lessons - Outside of the UK
You can find the full statistics by clicking here.  
It’s not too late to contribute to the survey by answering the two questions here.