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Catalogues of Recordings

Wednesday saw a great #mufuchat hosted by Beaumont Music.  The theme was ‘Forget the book scrutiny – listen to my recordings‘ and we looked at various ways to manage recordings of pupils’ work.  This led me to wonder how many music teachers make use of ‘catalogues of recordings’ in the way Robin Hammerton suggests in his recent TES blog post.  In my recent survey about reporting assessments in music, only one teacher said that (s)he reports using recordings, so it makes sense to follow this up to see how many teachers use recordings to support pupil progress.

To be clear, this survey isn’t just asking if you record pupils’ work.  I’m looking to find out if you record pupils’ work and then archive this in a manner that allows you to see how each individual pupil has progressed over time.

The survey includes the option to explain how you manage this process.  Although this question is entirely optional, the questions during Wednesday’s #mufuchat showed that people would love to see how others organise their recordings – feel free to link to existing blog posts that you may have written.

The results so far can be found here and I’ll post the headline figures in an upcoming blog post.