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Teacher & Musician is a community-driven website for music educators.  Anyone with a passion for teaching music can contribute to this website provided they follow these simple rules: 

  • This is a safe space for sharing your thoughts. Healthy debate is encouraged but personal attacks and harrassment will result in accounts being suspended. 
  • Companies looking to advertise products or services should submit an advertising request. Writing on Teacher & Musician is for sharing your thoughts, advertorial and adverts are welcome but using our advertising process ensures that all advertising is clearly marked. 

Why write your blog posts on Teacher & Musician? 

The internet is full of blogging services. You can easily be up-and-running with your own blog using a platform such as Medium, WordPress, Substack or Patreon. They are great channels for content creators. 

For many music educators, however, those channels make it difficult to develop a following. Teacher and Musician allows you to create content on a platform with an existing following. By writing on our platform, you’ll have your content shared with an existing audience of music educators. 

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