Exam board questions

Questions for Exam Board Representatives

In a series of posts asking exam board representatives about their services for music teachers, I asked the following set of questions.  If you are representing an exam board that hasn’t been featured in this series, then please feel free to email me your responses and I will be sure to feature them in a future blog post.

You can find the archive of interviews by clicking here.

The questions  

  1. What is the name of your subject advisor for music? 
  2. How does your board support teachers when it comes to selecting the right qualification for their centre?  
  3. If a music teacher submitted a question to your board, how long would (s)he have to wait for an answer?  
  4. To what extent does your music subject advisor engage with teachers on social media, including:
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook groups
    3. Music Mark’s Peer to Peer Network
  5. For centres struggling to deliver strong results in music, what can your board do to help them?  
  6. What do you see as the key strengths of your current draft specifications for music? 
  7. If Ofqual wasn’t a factor, what would you change about your draft specifications? 
  8. Is there anything else that you want music teachers to know about how you support them?