The Teacher and Musician Blogroll

Reading blogs about music education is one of the activities that I find to be most valuable in my own professional development.  It doesn’t matter how much experience I clock for myself, there’s always something more that I can learn from other music education... read more

Interview: Abigail D’Amore

Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to do some work with Musical Futures.  It’s always a pleasure to work with this group of incredibly hard working and innovative professionals so it was important to me that Abigail D’Amore, CEO of the... read more

Interview: Martin Fautley

Not many people in music education can have their name used to describe an idea but that’s exactly the case for Martin Fautley.  It’s not uncommon to hear a music teacher describe a particular thought as being “a bit of a Martin Fautley thing”... read more

Interview: Helen Tierney

I first met Helen Tierney at a Rhinegold Publishing consultation day.  During the lunch break, she invited me to speak to her PGCE students at Middlesex University (you can read more about that here and here) and this gave me the opportunity to speak to her in a... read more

Interview: Philip Flood of Sound Connections

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Teach Through Music Final Conference, which gave me the opportunity to meet Philip Flood.  I’ve been aware of Philip’s work with Sound Connections for some time and had enjoyed the occasional conversation over... read more

Reading Highlights 8

In this eighth music education reading roundup, there’s a sense of the pressures of our time. Two articles this week look at the pressure that educational reform has placed on individual music teachers, one looks at the need to show cross-curricular links and another... read more

Teacher and Musician Challenge 11

In Music in Schools: Promoting Good Practice, Ofsted published a guide for observing music lessons. One sentence in this guidance was particularly welcome to me since it acknowledged the importance of teachers musically preparing themselves for lessons. How well has... read more

Results: Your ideal KS4

I recently conducted a survey to see what music teachers thought their ideal Key Stage 4 for music would look like. There was a modest number of responses (seven) but the results are still interesting to see. Teachers were given fourteen options to choose from in the... read more

Reading Highlights 7

There’s a definite theme of assessment in this week’s reading roundup, with Anna Gower’s new catchphrase (‘stress to assess’) being the thread through each article. In particular, there’s a real sense of how external pressures are leading senior leadership teams to... read more