A2 Music Results 2015

Here is the A2 version of the A-Level Music results survey for 2015.  Click here to see the background information and to be able to submit responses for the AS version of they survey. I will be publishing anonymised data from this survey that may be of use to you... read more

AS Music Results 2015

It’s A-Level results day, which means that students up and down the country are finding out how they did.  Of course, this also means that teachers are finding out how their classes fared.  As much as we would like to tell ourselves otherwise, the age of... read more

Reading Highlights 10

I thought that the music education blogosphere would quieten down during the summer holidays but it seems that the community is taking the downtime as an opportunity to get thoughts written down.  The four posts that follow are particularly strong examples. Jonathan... read more

Teacher and Musician Challenge 13

There’s been a distinct CPD theme on the blog this week.  Yesterday, that CPD theme focused in on musicianship, resulting in a survey looking at the musical activities undertaken by teachers.  It only makes sense that this week’s Teacher and Musician... read more

Are you a teacher and musician?

Yesterday’s blog post about music-specific CPD led to a response from Steven Berryman, which can be read here.  He suggested that it would be an interesting to run a survey that asks music teachers about the musical activities that they participate in that... read more

How do we get music teachers out of school?

On 10th July 2015, I was fortunate enough to attend the Teach Through Music Final Conference, which was a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and get to know with a few new ones. It was a pleasure to hear from so many passionate music teachers, all keen... read more

Reading Highlights 9

This week’s reading roundup includes two posts that look at primary school music, one that advocates vocational qualifications for pupils considering the creative industries and one that looks at the pros and cons of removing tables from the music classroom.... read more

Teacher and Musician Challenge 12

Yesterday, was a great day.  I was working with Anna Gower to develop resources for the new Musical Futures: Just Play approach to primary school music teaching.  Lots of work (and coffee) went into creating what we think are really strong products and I’m very... read more