AS Music Results 2015

It’s A-Level results day, which means that students up and down the country are finding out how they did.  Of course, this also means that teachers are finding out how their classes fared.  As much as we would like to tell ourselves otherwise, the age of accountability makes this a pretty high stakes situation.  A set of results can determine the way that a music department is treated for the following academic year.

A common feature of 21st century results days is that social media goes into overdrive with teachers sharing their impression of the day.  I thought it would be wise to take this one step further and gather a bit of concrete data about whether or not results were as you expected.  I will be sure to write a blog post analysing these results and publishing an anonymised copy of the raw data.  Hopefully, this information will be useful to you while analysing your own results and for discussion with your senior leadership team.

This survey is for your AS results.  There is a separate survey for A2 results, which can be found here.