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AQA GCSE Music Results 2015

AQA GCSE Music Results 2015

This is the AQA version of this survey.  Click here to select a different version.

It’s GCSE results day.  An important day for teachers and pupils alike.  Once the pupils open that envelope (or login to that webpage…), they know their results and the whole experience is complete.  For the teachers, however, results day is just a part of the process.  The exams analysis still has to be completed.

That analysis will often be a dreaded document featuring tables and graphs that ask you to compare your cohort’s results to others in the school and, often, nationally.  Those national figures can be problematic.  While you can get plenty of data from the exam boards and various other groups, it’s hard to know if those results marry up with the teachers’ expectations.  In other words, were teachers surprised by the results they received.

This survey seeks to go some way to remedying that situation.  Please fill in your AQA GCSE Music results below and I will publish a blog post analysing those results for use in your exams analysis.  All contributions are completely anonymous.