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The Teacher and Musician Blogroll

The music education blogroll - Teacher and MusicianReading blogs about music education is one of the activities that I find to be most valuable in my own professional development.  It doesn’t matter how much experience I clock for myself, there’s always something more that I can learn from other music education professionals.  This is the very reason that I started the regular Reading Roundup section on this blog (updated every Sunday).

I check quite a few blogs each week to see if there have been any updates.  The ones that most catch my attention go into the reading roundup and plenty of others get tweeted about.  Taking inspiration from Andrew Old’s effort to put all education blogs in one place, I thought I would list all of the music education blogs that I check on a regular basis so that music teachers don’t have to sift through Andrew’s huge list for themselves.

Here’s that list.  If I’ve missed you out, send me a tweet so that I can add you in a future version of this list.

TeachTalk: Music