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Suggestions for A-Level Music Technology (2017)

suggestions for a-level music technology (2017)

Today, Ofqual published its list of qualifications to be included in the next round of reformed GCSEs and A-Levels.  It’s pleasing to note that AS/A-Level Music Technology has not been rejected but Edexcel is required to submit additional evidence.

Having sent out a tweet about this, I got into a brief conversation with Tim Hallas, who suggested that teachers could help Edexcel with this process.  I thought that this was a great idea and, as a result, I’ve created a one question survey asking teachers what they’d like to see as the core content in a reformed AS and/or A-Level Music Technology qualification.

I’ll tweet Edexcel into the discussion and email the final results to them at the end of the Easter break.

The responses so far can be found here.