Teacher and Musician Challenge 8

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperature is soaring.  It’s perfect beach weather.  It’s awful classroom weather.  If you’re are ludicrously lucky, then you will have air conditioning in your music department but the majority of music teachers will be... read more

TeachMeet: 25 June 2015

This time last week, I had the pleasure of hosting a Music specific TeachMeet at Prendergast Vale School in Lewisham.  We had a great variety of presentations led by some fantastic members of the music education community.  This blog post features a quick... read more

Occupy your curriculum

Today, I will be at the RSA House to attend a joint event by the RSA and the Institute of Education called ‘Occupy Your Curriculum’.  Tom Sherrington of Highbury Grove School will be speaking, which should make it a really fascinating session.... read more

Support networks for music teachers

When trawling through the analytics of this blog, I noticed that lots of people are searching for support from other teachers.  The internet already has a huge number of support networks available for music teachers, so I thought that I would compile the best of... read more

Interview: Marie Jones of OCR

Back in May, MufuChat focused on the new specifications and asked which exam board music teachers would choose.  Very early on in the chat, it became apparent that many teachers place value on a lot more than the specification when it comes to choosing an exam... read more

Reading Highlights 4

There’s quite a wide range of topic in this week’s reading highlights.  Listening, photography, paying attention and technology.  If there’s a consistent theme in this selection, then it is the need to constantly be aware that music is... read more

Teacher and Musician Challenge 7

“Progress over time” has become the Loch Ness Monster of the education world – some people claim to have seen it and others are desperately looking for it.  In the search (for progress, not Nessie), teachers are often encouraged to focus on pace to... read more

Unit plans for music

This post continues a series looking at the process of designing of a scheme of work for music teachers.  The first few posts looked at the scheme of work from a distance and now, we’re going to zoom in one stage closer to the unit plan.  In the second... read more

SoW overviews

Last week, I wrote about planning a scheme of work for music by looking at the values, structure and design tenets that you want to embed in the process.  Taking the time to do this really does help to ensure that the lessons you end up teaching align with the... read more

Surviving your musical NQT year

When Helen Tierney asked me to speak at Middlesex University, she specifically asked me to give a few ‘survival tips’ for NQTs.  It should sound strange to represent the first year of teaching as a journey into a dangerous wilderness but those of us... read more
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