Teacher and Musician Challenge 10

I wrote recently about my work for Musical Futures Just Play, where I’ve been creating a series of backing tracks for use in this approach to primary school music teaching. Since this is a a ‘skill-based’ approach to music learning, there was a distinct need for... read more

Does this rock?

I’ve recently been working with a client to create a set of backing tracks that will form part of a wider teaching strategy (more on this when the project is complete).  It’s a really satisfying task to take on since it feels really musical and... read more

What would your ideal KS4 look like?

With all the talk of change at KS4, it has become apparent to me that no one is really asking music teachers what they want music to look like at KS4 (beyond the narrow Ofqual consultation before the draft specifications were written).  This survey seeks to... read more

Reading Highlights 6

Once again, it’s difficult to find any particular theme that unites the posts in this week’s reading roundup.  Two of the posts focus on the work of classroom music teachers, one looks at the training available from Guildhall Connect and another... read more

Teacher and Musician Challenge 9

This challenge is very much in the spirit of taking the last few weeks of the summer term as an opportunity for experimenting with new ideas.  Jane Werry recently wrote about having a break from assessment in favour of focusing on straightforward music teaching and... read more

A music teacher’s highlights

It was interesting to see the contributions to last night’s MufuChat as it gave an insight into what music teachers really value in their work.  The chat asked the question ‘What were your highlights of 2014-2015?’ and teachers shared descriptions, photos and... read more

A summer checklist for music teachers

The last few weeks of the academic year can be strange for music teachers.  It often feels like the rest of the school is winding down while the music department is gearing up.  Concerts, musicals, leaving events and supporting other departments with their... read more

Interview: Catherine Webster of WJEC

This is the second post in a series of interviews with subject advisors from the various exam boards.  We started last week with Marie Jones of OCR and today is the turn of Catherine Webster from WJEC.  WJEC offers GCSE exams for Wales and, for the new specifications,... read more

Guest post: QR codes in music

This is the first guest post on Teacher and Musician.  I was having a good email discussion with Adam Hall about his use of QR codes in the classroom and it occurred to me that there was a good blog post to be written on the topic.  Adam kindly agreed to write the... read more

Reading Highlights 5

This week’s reading roundup brings together discussion of assessment, advocacy, SoW design and music services.  Not the most related of concepts but, if there is a theme in this week’s roundup, then it is surely ‘straight talking’.... read more
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