PowerPoint in music lessons

I used to love PowerPoint.  Every lesson would feature a carefully crafted PowerPoint with the clearest graphical illustrations I could create.  Dots would appear on keyboards, fretboards and drum kits showing pupils precisely what they needed to do and,... read more

The coursework season panic

It happens.  You’ve been putting your heart and soul into your teaching all year and then you look at the calendar, see that it’s May and all you can think about is coursework that still isn’t up to scratch.  Worse still, some kids haven’t even... read more

Your catalogues of recordings

Last week’s survey looked at how teachers manage catalogues of recordings in the spirit of Robin Hammerton’s TES blog.  With the coursework season upon us, I wasn’t surprised to find that this survey had a relatively small response rate; ten... read more

Helpers in the music classroom

On Wednesday, I wrote about the benefits of having adults learn to be musicians so that they can help us advocate for music education.  Reflecting on this, I remembered my first couple of years working at Baylis Court and being lucky enough to have two Graduate... read more

What is a ‘music specialist’?

I’ll warn you now.  There are no answers in this blog post… As it always does, #mufuchat left me with a lot to think about last night  This week, the idea that really stuck with me was that of music specialists.  The chat itself was... read more

Feedback with 2EA

Feedback is a hot topic in schools.  Up and down the country, teachers are trying out a variety of approaches and often have to work them into a whole school approach.  Marking stickers and RAG123 may well be feedback strategies that you are familiar with... read more

Adult and Musician?

This blog has typically focused on classroom music teaching but Monday’s news of a survey that discovered the UK is “a nation of wannabe chefs and musicians” got me thinking, especially in light of yesterday’s blog about advocacy.... read more

Advocacy: two sides, one coin

Music always seems to be in need of some advocacy.  The Henley Review, the National Curriculum Review, the introduction of the EBacc, every round of cuts and even the National Plan for Music Education  all prompted us to champion the benefits of music... read more

Is primary the place for innovation in music?

Once in a while, something relatively small can pull together some previously diverse thoughts and put your thinking into a new context.  Last week, I had one of those moments as a result of a tweet.  At 140 characters, tweets are pretty small but this one... read more

Catalogues of Recordings

Wednesday saw a great #mufuchat hosted by Beaumont Music.  The theme was ‘Forget the book scrutiny – listen to my recordings‘ and we looked at various ways to manage recordings of pupils’ work.  This led me to wonder how many music... read more
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